Between friendly connections and cyber bullying – Is the internet harming teenagers and what can be done to prevent it?

Nowadays a life without the internet cannot be imaginable. It is part of nearly every lifestyle and also a big part of teenagers’ lives. But is the internet really a good thing? Of course there is lots of information, you can communicate with friends and family who are not around and it also gives us a break from reality. Nevertheless, the internet is nothing for unstable nerves. On social media you can see a lot of ‚perfect‘ bodies and especially for teenagers who are having a hard time anyway it is harder to believe in themselves. But this can be prevented easily. Just follow those users who inspire you and who make you feel happy. Do not look at accounts which make you feel bad about yourself. Another problem regarding the internet is cyber bullying. It can happen to everyone and there is not exactly a strategy to prevent cyber bullying but there are a couple of things you can do for yourself. You are not allowed to listen to or reply to the messages you receive from the people bullying you. After some time, they will be bored and they will search for a new victim. Find yourself a person who you can talk to and who will help you through this time. The last problem I see with regard to the internet is the waste of time. Lots of parents like to tell their teenagers that they are wasting their time on the internet, but not everyone is playing useless games or watching some stupid videos online. Some of us are really doing something productive but we are still spending too much time online. Maybe a no-mobile phone-challenge would be a good start and after that you could set yourself a goal, for example 2h a day online and that is it. You just need to believe in yourself. To come to a conclusion the internet is a good device and everyone should just look at the content they want to see. Make sure that you learn to focus on the good stuff.

Emilija Zaluma, 9a